The Box Drum Band | Acoustic trio in Southern Spain
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The Box Drum Band

Hello and welcome to the online home of The Box Drum Band. We are an acoustic trio based on the southern coast of Spain. Let us introduce ourselves…


Gaz adds that rumbling bass to the mix while contributing to the vocal harmonies. He also takes lead vocals on a number of tunes.


Lee handles acoustic guitar duties and takes care of most of the lead vocals. He trades lead vocals for backing vocals whilst Gaz takes a few songs.


On cajón, Coen is the band’s percussionist. He usually provides the higher of the vocal harmonies and rounds off the overall sound of the band.


The Box Drum Band was created to bridge the gap between Lee’s solo acoustic shows and Midnight Mechanics, the rock band in which Lee and Gaz play in together. An acoustic band seemed like the obvious way forward and the guys had no hesitation when choosing who should be the third member. Coen hadn’t really played in a band prior to the formation on The Box Drum Band, apart from a brief stint as rhythm guitarist and occasional percussionist in one of Gaz and Lee’s previous bands. After a few short rehearsals, the band was ready to go out and play some of their first live gigs.


One of the main things we pride ourselves on are our vocal harmonies. Having 3 voices is something we’ve never had before, so it’s been really nice to be able to see what we can add to the songs we choose to play. Our repertoire consists of a fairly eclectic mix from The Beatles, Traveling Wilburys and Eric Clapton to Oasis, Paolo Nutini and George Ezra.


Our full set list can currently be found in “Notes” on our Facebook page. For pricing, enquiries and any other information you need from us, please feel free to fill out the contact form below.